Growing Through Global Adventure


THE STEP is a two week educational tour that creates diverse opportunities for students to experience rich culture, sharpen second language skills and explore awe inspiring sites, all while developing the global perspective needed to succeed in our fascinating interconnected world.

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THE STEP's main goal is growing your cultural intelligence (CQ). CQ refers to an individual's ability to function effectively in culturally diverse situations. This skill is really important in today's multicultural & globalized world. CQ is vital if you want to enjoy successful cross-cultural relationships at school, work, or during travel. It's also a must if you simply want to make friends with or understand people from diverse backgrounds. During THE STEP, we measure your CQ and provide you with the best tools and knowledge to grow it. 

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Learning another language pulls you onto the social dance floor of fascinating relationships, colorful culture and life-defining opportunities. Particularly Spanish. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, with roughly 437 million speakers. During THE STEP, you will refine your Spanish alongside seasoned and native Spanish speakers. Best yet, when you step out of the conference room, you'll be dancing in the real live world of Latino interaction.

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Every society relies on the goodness of others to create a balanced community. Learning to serve is learning to lead. The best leaders take up the call to preserve and improve the well being of every individual. THE STEP takes you to real places of need. There, you might grab a pair of gloves and sweat alongside dedicated Peruvian and international leaders. Your participation makes a real social difference. And in the process, don't be surprised when some of your own needs are met.

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The Step's emphasis on relationship lets you:

  • Engage locals and make travel meaningful.
  • Challenge ethnocentrism through thoughtful interaction.
  • Move from mere trip to broadening experience.
  • Pair with Peruvians for inspiring conversation.
  • Get to know locals in their homes, work places, and communities.
  • Begin long-term international friendships.

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The Step’s experiential learning tour prepares you to:

  • Effectively engage diverse cultures.
  • Feel comfortable and confident with human difference.
  • Increase Spanish conversational skills. 
  • Responsibly serve international needs.
  • Develop inter-cultural leadership skills.
  • Sharpen critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Redefine your concept of learning!


  • Spend quality time in each of the historical cities of Lima, Cuzco and Arequipa
  • Serve with Peace & Hope
  • Experience unforgettable flavors, dance, traditions, customs, music, and art
  • Dynamic, interactive Cultural Intelligence & Spanish conversation morning breakout sessions
  • Bargain in indigenous handicraft markets
  • Cook delicious Peruvian food alongside great Peruvian people
  • In Lima, visit the Government & Archbishops Palace, Lima Cathedral, City Hall, Larco Museum, Walking Tour of Miraflores
  • Support social enterprise of Quechua indigenous artists
  • In Arequipa, visit the Santa Catalina Monastery, open air markets, white volcanic rock quarry, City Tour, and the Main Cathedrals
  • In Cuzco, visit the Sacred Valley, Temple of the Sun, Contemporary & Historic Museums, Saqsaywaman Ruins, Cusco Cathedral, Pisac Indigenous Market, Pisac Ruins, Awana Kancha Alpaca Farm and Textile Weaving, Maras Salt Ponds, and the Pablo Seminario Pottery Workshop
  • Explore Machu Picchu, an unforgettable wonder of the world!
The more we forget ourselves by giving ourselves to serving a cause or loving another person, the more human we are.
— Viktor E Frankl
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* The program cost includes all academic sessions, materials, comfortable lodging, fantastic foods, activities, tours and guides, in-country bus and taxi transportation, and your final Machu Picchu, wonder of the world highlight. Program cost does not include airfare, travel insurance, personal spending money or registration fees for educational institutions that accredit our program.


JUNE 15 - 29, 2018


Deposits & Balance Due

There is a $50 registration fee credited to the final cost. Your first nonrefundable deposit of $1000, credited toward program cost, is due by February 9th, 2018. The remaining $1,660 balance is due by May 25th, 2018.

Airfare & Airport

Due to fluctuating costs, airfare is charged separately. Airfare includes round trip flight from U.S. to Lima, plus in country flights to Arequipa and Cuzco. In order to assure best prices and group availability, airfare is due by March 5th. Estimated airfare is between $1,100 and $1,300. Truprint's travel coordinator will handle all airfare purchases and flight arrangements between LAX and Peru. Participants are responsible for transportation to and from LAX.