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Tamara Amsing

Tamara consults for Signi in Peru. Her vocation is to help non-profit organizations understand the importance of cultural intelligence in order for their actions to have a deep and real positive social impact. Her understanding of cross-cultural contexts comes from years of service and work in international NGOs and gaining knowledge through transcultural marriage. From Canada to France, Spain, Ecuador and Peru, her transcultural heritage and personal experience involve program management, trans-cultural conflict resolution, effective communication and education. Tamara holds a degree in Foreign Languages applied to international cooperation and business (Spanish, English), and a graduate degree in Crisis Analysis and Humanitarian Action from Chambéry State University (France).

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Tania Shaik

Tania consults and researches for Signi in California. She is also an educator passionate about effecting change and promoting conflict resolution through restorative justice practices and cross-cultural dialogue. Having lived and studied in Russia and the Netherlands, she has developed excellent intercultural skills. These experiences abroad lent her expertise, which she utilized in her career as a researcher for a think-tank to an NGO that provided post-conflict aid. Tania holds a degree in International Relations from the University of California (Riverside) and a graduate degree in Conflict Resolution and Governance from the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands).


Carey Treadway

Carey is Co-founder, Administrator and Signi Consultant. Her passion and knowledge of culture comes from over two decades of dedicated and intense cross-cultural work and service. She has served years in partner relations with a large international NGO. Her experience includes small business formation and management, formal education, community development and successful ex-pat child rearing. Carey also holds a degree in cross-cultural communication from San Francisco State University.


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Shane Treadway

Shane is Director and consultant for Signi, educator, entrepreneur, and life-long-learner. For over 20 years, he has dedicated his life to cultivating deep cross-cultural relationships. From the heat of Thailand and the Amazon Jungle to the chilly Andean planes of Peru, Shane has successfully initiated three non-profit and two for-profit organizations within intercultural contexts, and always with the committed support of fantastic and diverse people. He founded and directed one of the international offices of a 3200-member international NGO, empowered nationals and handed over the reins. He holds a degree in religion and a graduate degree in Anthropology from Western Washington University.