Unmanaged cultural differences are costly.

Signi knows that humanity is worth understanding. Like you, we also know that today’s marketplace is complex, diverse and globalized. This makes clear communication, building trust and hitting targets across cultural barriers harder than ever. Unmanaged cultural differences are proven to increase employee tension, attrition, team failure, merger failure, significant loss of investment on international ventures, and a number of other big problems that you want to avoid. Just check the stats.


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Cultural intelligence is the essential intelligence of the 21st century. SHRM

Simply put, cultural intelligence (CQ) is the ability to function effectively in culturally diverse situations. It’s similar to IQ or emotional intelligence, only CQ is responsible for your survival in unfamiliar, cross-cultural situations. Fortunately, CQ is also a competence that can be learned. This means you and your organization can have it. It can also be measured on a research-based scale and strategically applied to cross-cultural initiatives, team-building, and management. Organizations that thrive in diverse work-spaces and global markets invest in cultural intelligence. That’s where Signi comes in.


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It is important to understand that diversity is not just workforce composition; it is interaction as well. And if employees of different genders, races, and ethnicities aren’t working together, the benefits of diversity may be lost.
— Yamkovenko & Tavares | Harvard Business Review

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