Our Mission.

Signi exists to bridge vital working relationships through cultural intelligence workshops, research and consulting.

Our Core Values.

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Humans are worth understanding.

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Unlike noodles, great ideas don’t come in a box.

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Glean from team, then step out in confidence.

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Ah ha! Moments.


Our Vision.

Signi is building an international network of highly experienced and educated cross-cultural consultants who play a significant role in the creation of just and equitable societies through inspiring cultural awareness and providing intuitive tools for intercultural relationship building to organizations within the for-profit, non-profit, and government  sectors.


Strategic Methodology

When it comes to methodology, Signi is precise. We don't rely on broad approaches to culture as some might. We apply the most current and accurate methods of cultural analysis to pinpoint your organization's unique cultural signature.

Cultural Intelligence

Culture resonates with intrigue, but it doesn't have to be a mystery nowadays. Anthropology, sociology and missiology have developed reliable skills, tools and best practices for functioning effectively across diverse contexts. Through cultural intelligence workshops and coaching, Signi puts these tools in your hands.


Mobilized Knowledge

Your organization needs to know how its employees, partners, clients and stakeholders make sense of the world. Otherwise your communications, services and products won't make sense to them. Through our signature research, Signi digs out what people truly think about your organization, and places valuable cultural knowledge where it is most productive.


Although we increasingly cross boundaries and surmount barriers to trade, migration, travel, and the exchange of information, cultural boundaries are not so easily bridged.
— Thoman & Inkson | Cultural Intelligence