Cross-cultural living.

Living cross-culturally can be exciting and educational. But experience and research show that challenges are real, failure rates are significant, and the cost, both financially and emotionally, can be high if cross-cultural workers and expats are not adequately prepared. Signi consultants have successfully lived as expats. We know how to establish safety, balanced integration and longevity. Let us offer you the training, coaching and resources to assure your families are well taken care of.

Quick expert advice.

Sometimes you simply need quick advice on a culturally related initiative or challenge. No problem. We are happy to advise on any issue by phone or Skype. If a quick visit to the office works best for you, that works for us.  

Special projects & mergers.

Some projects require greater time commitment. Signi provides cross-cultural specialists and researchers for special projects and teams. Mergers can also be tricky business. Many of the greatest challenges of mergers pertain to communication breakdowns related to culture.  Let Signi provide the culturally experienced voice you need to avoid costly pitfalls. 

Long-term contracts.

Some organizations realize that outsourcing a cultural specialist on an annual contract basis best meets their needs. This allows you to have a professional voice 24/7. If you feel like your organization could benefit from the consistency and availability that a contracted consultant can bring to the development of long-term programs, processes, or products, Signi has you covered.