Our Cultural Intelligence (CQ) workshops provide the skills and confidence your team needs to interact successfully in any intercultural situation. Find out how culture profoundly influences personal perceptions of reality and behaviors. Also, dig into how cultural differences significantly affect business negotiations, the perception and use of products and services, and the success of vital organizational relationships. We apply research based best practices and intuitive tools to the development of cultural intelligence. In today's global community, cultural intelligence is an essential and critical core competence.


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Grow in the four CQ competencies

The key to successful intercultural communication and relationship building is awareness of and proficiency in the four cultural competencies. These include CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy and CQ Action. We explore these competencies in light of case studies and best practices. Then, during interactive breakout sessions, we relate that information to your organization's own unique intercultural experiences and challenges.    



Avoid embarrassing stereotypes

We all know that people and companies don't behave according to popular opinion. What is less understood is how complex sociocultural systems, unique to every social group and context, influence our behaviors. Extensive research, however, has brought to light certain broad cultural dimensions that provide accurate starting points for intelligently navigating any cultural situation.    

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Know and compare your unique cultural signature

Signi addresses the issues that are most relevant to your particular context. Before every workshop, we conduct an in-depth personalized CQ assessment from our partners at the Cultural Intelligence Center. Discover your cultural signature across the 10 cultural value dimensions, and measure your cultural intelligence in the four core competencies against international averages. We also asses the felt cultural needs of your organization, and tailor our sessions to your reality.


Our workshops meet the needs of...


  • Senior Leaders & Managers




  • Serious Students of Culture

  • Immigrants and Refugees

  • For-Profit, Non-Profit, Government, Mission agencies, health & Educational institutions

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